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Supporting Families "Big Enough to Cater" "Small Enough to Care"

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is a unique form of childcare, one that is able to nurture each child within a ‘home’ setting and which has small educator to child ratios.  Family Day Care provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children, with care and education being provided for small groups in an approved Family Day Care Educator’s home. Educators and their home environment are assessed and approved in accordance with the National Quality Framework and Scheme Policies and Procedures.

  • Children in Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme will benefit from:

    Children in Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme will benefit from:

    • Individualised, personal care in small groups
    • One consistent Educator
    • Strong attachments
    • Placements with siblings
    • Being in a home environment
    • Opportunity to attend an approved Kindergarten program within the service
    • Flexible hours to meet the needs of families
    • Parents, Educators, Co-ordination Unit staff and Management Committee working together to foster children’s learning and development
  • What does a Family Day Care Environment Look Like?

    What does a Family Day Care Environment Look Like?

    Family Day Care environments constitute unique child care settings as they have the dual function of both family home and child care environment. All children have the right to experience quality care in an environment which is clean, safe and healthy and where well-being is a paramount consideration in the program. Every Family Day Care home will be different, but every home will be a safe environment for children.

    This will include:

    • Safe fencing of outdoor area
    • Safe storage of cleaning materials, disinfectants, first aid equipment and other hazardous substances
    • Electrical safety with all power points covered with child-proof plugs
    • Safe nursery equipment that meets Australian Standards
    • Outdoor area free of poisonous plants
    • Safe play equipment that minimises the risk of a child being trapped or pinched or falling
    • Supervised interaction with animals
    • Pools fenced according to Council Regulations
    • Safe travelling in cars. All Educators who transport children in their vehicle have an annual roadworthy or car safety check.



  • Role of the Co-ordination Unit

    Role of the Co-ordination Unit

    Our Co-ordinators support the highest standard for Family Day Care children. We have been providing support to families and educators for over 40 years.  Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme is an Approved child care service with ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority).

    The Co-ordination Unit are a fully qualified professional team who manage and support the provision of education and quality child care by:

    Assisting families to access child care and providing on-going advice, information and support to families

    • Recruiting, training and providing on-going support to the Educators
    • Conducting regular home visits to Educators with a priority of monitoring each child’s wellbeing, learning and progress
    • Encouraging communication between Scheme Staff, Families and Educators
    • Providing extra-curricular activities for educators and children
    • Providing professional development opportunities for Educators
    • Keeping up-to-date with current practice and directions in child care, and
    • Administering the National Quality Framework, Scheme Policies and Procedures and Commonwealth Government Child Care Benefit Legislation.

    Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme is:

    • Committed and passionate about the value of relationships that occur within a Family Day Care home
    • Committed and passionate about the learning that occurs within a Family Day Care home
    • Committed and passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care
    • Committed and passionate about supporting the families in our community



  • Role of Family Day Care Educators

    Role of Family Day Care Educators

    Educators with Family Day Care South Scheme have passed a rigorous assessment process aimed at establishing their suitability to care for children in partnership with their families.

    Our educators are skilled, experienced and trained professionals.  They engage in the principles and practices of the Early Years Leaning Framework (EYLF) for under school age children and My Time, Our Place Framework (MYOP) for school age children.  Educators also work within the requirements of the National Quality Framework.

    Educators are self-employed running their own Family Day Care education and care service from their own home. The majority holding Early Childhood Qualifications or actively working towards an Early Childhood Qualification. (Our educator’s qualifications range from the minimum Certificate 111 in Children’s Services to Bachelor of Education Degrees)

    Our Educators offer:

    • Hours of care that may be flexible to meet the needs of families
    • Activities and experiences that meet the children’s individual needs and interests
    • Everyday life experiences such as outings to playsession, local libraries, parks etc with the parent’s/guardian’s permission
    • A program that allows children to learn and develop through play and exploration
    • Participate in regular support home visits conducted by our Co-ordination Unit.
    • Abide by relevant legislative requirements under the National Quality Framework (i.e. positive suitability card, insurance, current first aid and cpr etc)
    • Meet national standards which include maintaining quality learning programs, safe and hygienic learning environments, record keeping and qualifications



  • Educational Program and Practice - part of the Educator's Curriculum

    Educational Program and Practice - part of the Educator's Curriculum

    Family Day Care South Educator’s educational program and practice forms part of the Educator’s curriculum. In the early childhood setting curriculum means ‘all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development. Educator’s program and practices facilitates each child’s learning throughout the day.  Children will participate in educator-led and child-initiated activities that follow a general routine of outdoor time, group time, indoor play and activities, music time and rest time etc.

    Under the Education and Care Services National Law and National Quality Standards, Family Day Care Educators are required to deliver a programme to all children being educated and cared for that:

    • is based on an approved learning framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming for Early Childhood Education and Care or My Time, Our Place for School Age Care)
    • is delivered in a manner that accords with the approved learning framework; and
    • is based on the developmental needs, interests and experiences of each child; and
    • is designed to take into account the individual differences of each child

    All activities will be facilitated and guided by the educator to find out how children respond as an individual and also as part of the group.  Educators will work in conjunction with families to provide learning experiences that are relevant to each child and tailored to each child’s specific needs.  A child’s home language, culture and religious practices will be accepted and included into the program.

    It is also required that relevant information about the program and the child’s participation in the program is shared with families, and that the program is planned, documented and evaluated.


  • Extra-Curricular Activities Outside The Family Day Care Home

    Extra-Curricular Activities Outside The Family Day Care Home

    These activities complement the Educator’s home curriculum and extend each child’s educational experience. The majority of the extra-curricular activities are outside the home. Educators must comply with Scheme Policies and Procedures when taking children away from the registered premise.

    Some of these activities will be organised by Co-ordination Unit staff and some by the educator themselves.  Some of the extra-curricular activities that are organised by the Co-ordination Unit staff are:

    • Music
    • Butterfly Wings/Koala Joeys
    • PALS (social skills program – Play and Learning to Socialise Program)
    • Play, Learn, Grow together sessions
    • Family Day Care South Cairns Community Kindergarten

    Extracurricular activities also provide an opportunity for children

    • To play, grow, interact and learn with other children of the scheme
    • To develop life skills such as sharing and co-operation
    • To participate in new experiences and play with different children
    • To respond and build confidence in a larger group, with other Children, Educators and Co-ordination Unit staff
    • To develop self- confidence and self- expression
    • To belong to a larger, familiar and supportive group



  • Do you need education and care for your child?

    Do you need education and care for your child?

    Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme caters for children from birth through to the teen years. We can offer education and care to babies, toddlers, kindergarten age children who are able to attend an approved kindy program within the service, school age children offering before and after school care.  We can also offer night care, overnight and weekend care.

    Scheme Co-ordinators and Educators are sensitive to the concerns and anxieties of parents needing to arrange education and care for their children.

    The maximum number of children allowed for each Educator group is seven, of whom no more than four are under school age, including the Educator’s own children who have not yet commenced school. In practice, some Educators' groups may be smaller than 7 children since not all Educators work to the maximum number of children.

    The Co-ordination Unit’s aim is to make careful placements so that children are cared for in groups that give optimum environments for meeting their developmental needs.

    Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme – Big Enough to Cater, Small Enough to Care - Excellent Child Care… at Home

    We can offer you and your family

    • An experienced and highly trained Family Day Care Educator – you select the Educator you want to care for your children
    • Multi-age groups so siblings can be together
    • Extended family experiences
    • An opportunity to become part of a community
    • An accredited, fully licensed and motivated service
    • An open relationship between educators and co-ordination unit staff
    • Flexible hours by negotiation
    • Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

    We can offer your child

    • The attention of one consistent, trusted Educator
    • A secure and safe home environment
    • Play-based learning experiences in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework
    • Tailored developmental programs from birth
    • An opportunity to attend an approved Kindergarten Program

    Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme is:

    • A unique home-based child care service
    • Providing quality education and child care for children
    • In homes of Family Day Care Educators
    • Supported by a professional qualified Co-ordination and Resource Team



  • Vacancies


    Looking for the right person to care for your child? Do you value quality child care that is flexible and affordable? If you do, then Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme can assist you.

    You have the option of:

    • Full time
    • Part time
    • Casual
    • Weekend
    • Before and after school care
    • School holiday care
    • Night and overnight care
    • 24-hour care (in special circumstances)

    Please contact the Co-ordination Unit by phone or email if you would like assistance in finding an Educator to suit your child care needs.

    Co-ordination Unit staff will complete a ‘Request for Care’ gathering information from you about your requirements. Once the Co-ordination Unit has all the relevant information regarding your requirements they will contact Educators who have child care vacancies to determine who will be able to assist your family.

    Once suitable Educators are established Co-ordination Unit staff will contact the family and provide them with details of each Educator. Once families have visited the Educators and decided who will suit their child care requirements they need to contact the Co-ordination Unit and make a registration appointment.

    REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT – Once families have selected an Educator who is going to provide child care and education for their child/ren they must make an appointment with a Field Co-ordinator at the Co-ordination Unit. At this appointment, families will need to complete all the necessary paperwork requirements for a child to enter into care. The Scheme also requires a family registration fee. This appointment is also an opportunity for families to gather further information about Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme and an opportunity to meet Co-ordination Unit staff.



  • Family Day Care Fees and Government Assitance

    Family Day Care Fees and Government Assitance

    If you value home based child care and education that is flexible and affordable, Family Day Care South Cairns may be able to help you with your child care needs. We assist over 250 families with their child care needs every week.

    All educators contacted to our Scheme go through a strict recruitment assessment and annual re-registration assessment.  These assessments relate to the education and care service they offer and fees charged by each educator are a reflection of their care and education environment.  It is important at the initial Parent Interview to discuss fees and charges.  Of course, it will depend on the days and times of the family’s contract has to what your weekly fee will be.  To assist with childcare fees, parents may be entitled to assistance from the Federal Government with Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

    CHILD CARE BENEFIT (CCB) AND CHILD CARE REBATE (CCR) - Family Day Care South Cairns is a registered service for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Commonwealth Government – Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) can determine the level of assistance available by assessing the family income.

    For more information, please phone 13 6150 between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

    Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate can be used to reduce the child care fees. Each family needs to be assessed for Child Care Benefit; this assessment will acknowledge if families are eligible for both Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

    For the Scheme to access families' CCB and/or CCR, they need to provide Customer Reference Numbers (CRN’s) and date of birth for the parent and child/ren.

    Once fees and Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate are established, families pay their contribution directly to the Educator and the Scheme pays the Educator the remaining amount.

    Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme will offer parents:

    • Partnerships that are characterised by respect, trust, supportive relationships and belonging
    • Partnerships that are built through understanding, encouragement, effective communication and co-operation
    • Partnerships that are underpinned by meaningful and often long-term relationships
    • Key ingredients in building happy, confident, independent and well-adjusted children